4 Training Techniques to Activate Subconscious Mind Power

Secrets: 4 Training Techniques to Activate Subconscious Mind Power

3. Eliminate Negations

Eliminating negations is one of the most important autosuggestion techniques. Negated auto suggestions, which include words like don’t and not, are actually sabotaging because the subconscious does not process negation. So, when for example, you keep suggesting “I don’t want to smoke” to yourself, you are actually forcing the subconscious to continue craving smoke. All auto suggestions must be phrased in the positive and affirmative, for example, “I am a non-smoker”.

4. Raise Your Awareness

There are also those who keep knocking themselves down with negative phrases like “I cannot do it” or “I am not good enough”. Needless to say, you have to stop such negative auto suggestions, but how? The best way to stop negative auto suggestions is to increase your level of self-awareness. You have to become more mindful, more aware of your environment, more aware of your actions, and more aware of your speaking. Mindfulness takes practice, but once mastered, it will allow you to erase a whole bunch of negative programming from your life, making your environment more positive and happy.

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