Only Good Wife Can Do These 30 Things For Her Lovely Husband

Only Good Wife Can Do These 30 Little Things For Her Lovely Husband

Let Him Choose

Even if it’s something small, like what to eat for dinner or how to spend your Sunday afternoon. “Many women become such micromanagers (because we have to with jobs and families) that we tend to manage everything—including which restaurant to go to, movie to see, paint color to use in the bedroom, etc.” Bubash notes. “Let your husband participate in those choices.”

Give Him A Massage

Non-sexual touch is actually an incredibly powerful connector. “If your massage skills aren’t up to par, consider watching a YouTube video or taking a class on how to give your partner a massage,” says Dr. Perry. “After a long day, rubbing your man’s back will make him relax quicker, build intimacy, and allow him to connect with you on a deeper level.”

Be Excited To See Him When You Get Home

This one might sound small, but it’s actually a pretty big deal. “Be enthusiastic, make eye contact, smile at him, and show him how happy you are to see him,” Jones suggests. “You’d be amazed at how much it matters. It’s so easy to let the kids/work/Facebook/cooking or any of the other gazillion things that demand our attention take precedence over that special moment of connection. You get a lot of bang for your buck; five minutes of your undivided attention and he’ll be feeling loved, and will want to show you how much he loves you, too.”

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