20 things about marriage a man should take note of

20 things about marriage a man should take note of

Proposing to your future wife with a gorgeous ring is the easy part. But then it gets complicated. After the bachelor party, and the very nice wedding suit, some men miss the memo on what marriage really is about. So we jotted down a few great pointers on how to avoid turning into a horrible husband.

Being in a relationship and marrying your woman are two different things and here’s a list of basics that will help sustain your marriage and understand your wife better – taken from the ladies.

When your woman raises her voice and speaks unkind aim to be the peacemaker.

  • The trust factor: Trust is a very important factor in your marriage. If you want your wife to trust you, start proving that you can be trusted. Actions always speak louder than words. Cheating on your spouse begins in your heart. Stop it there before you act it out. Leave the games for 30 Seconds sessions with your friends.
  • Love wholeheartedly: Love your wife as Christ loved the church. Give yourself up for her. Love her as you love your own body.


  • Hide and seek: Do not hide or run away when you are faced with huge problems. Do not leave the wife facing the problems all by herself. Face them together to thicken your bond.
  • Have healthy, encouraging male friendships: No more hanging out with guys who badmouth and disrespect their wives. Rather be around friends who love their wives and can encourage you to be a better husband.
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